Guitars/Bass tracks done!


We just finished all the re-amps for the rhythm and leads tracks for the whole record! Some of the best sounding guitars we’ve ever done! We can’t wait for everybody to hear this. All we have now to do is vocals! Stay tuned!

Drums finished!


Yesterday we finished the drum tracks for our new record; UNDISPUTED. Jay smashed through 13 tracks of the hardest hitting drums we’ve had yet. Today we’re starting guitars and vocals later in the day. More updates coming soon with videos and more! LHHC.


The new record has been named UNDISPUTED. Throughout all of life’s struggles, setbacks, and obstacles; a Lion’s determination to keep moving forward remains UNDISPUTED. This record was written for anyone out there who can relate to that. We spent the last year writing the hardest, most pissed, and most REAL record we’ve done yet. Coming out swinging in 2012. LHHC.